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Commercial ATE Insurance

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About Commercial ATE Insurance 

Commercial ate insurance is dedicated to educating commercial lawyers and their clients about After the Event (ATE) insurance, in a clear and transparent way, in order to simplify the process from start to finish. 

Simplifying the Commercial After The Event Insurance Process

Commercial ATE Insurance is a FREE online resource for Commercial Lawyers, Litigation Funders and their Clients.

Lawyers and Funders have a duty to explain risk mitigation tools with their clients, and commercial ATE insurance is one of the most common and popular modern methods of transferring the adverse costs risks of Litigation from the client to an insurance company.

However, the application process, quotation stage, costs, and premium structures of commercial ATE insurance can be quite complex, even for seasoned professionals.

This is where our commercial ate insurance website resource comes in handy for both professionals and lay clients.

We will take you, and / or your clients through the whole process, from a legal dispute arising to the eventual outcome, as noted in the 6 box’s above.

The Commercial ATE Insurance Journey


This step by step explanation of the commercial ATE insurance journey will help your clients grasp the concept as we explain in lay terms the transition from a claim arising, to the legal assessment of the claim, to the options of funding and retainers available, to the ATE insurance assessment stage, to the potential legal negotiations of their claim, and to the ultimate conclusion of the process, and any potential recovery problems or appeals from the defendants. 

We will also provide explanations of important aspects of the legal process such as ATE insurance, BTE insurance, Conditional Fee Agreements, Damages Based Agreements, Litigation Funding, Judgment Enforcement, and much more.

We have a detailed legal glossary available, a section on ATE insurance providers, what an ATE insurance broker does, and why they may be worth considering, and a Litigation Funding Firms directory.  

Please feel free to link directly to our commercial ATE insurance website, or any of the pages or articles contained within. 

If you have any questions not answered on our website, please contact us here.  


Years before limitation period expires


Thousand pounds court fee for a £200k claim 


Average No of weeks to a trial hearing


Claims end up in a trial
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