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ATE Insurance Providers

ATE Insurance Providers

ATE insurance providers can be structured in a number of ways, and they can also have differing processes and operating procedures, all quite different to their competitors, which in turn, makes it very difficult for lawyers or solicitors to fully understand, as well as their lay client, who requires the ATE insurance.

Selecting the right ATE insurance provider is an essential task if you want to avoid any problems later in the day with ATE Insurance claims not being paid. 

An ATE insurance providers main role

As the main role of all ATE insurance providers is to pay the insurance claims of those claimants who incur a costs liability if their legal case fails, (which can be very substantial if other side’s costs as well as their own legal costs, expenses and disbursements are included), you must make sure that any ATE insurance providers you are thinking about using are reputable, financially sound, and highly likely to still be around in 5 - 10 years time, if a claim is needed to be made under an After The Event Insurance policy.

The corporate structure of ATE insurance providers

ATE insurance providers in the UK usually fall into one of two main corporate structures, either a direct insurance company, or a managing general agent (MGA). The direct writer has its own insurance capacity, knowledge and distribution network, whereas MGAs on the other hand are cover-holders of insurance companies, who usually have delegated authority (DA) to act as Agent of the insurer and bind ATE insurance risks on their behalf.


MGAs usually have the expert knowledge and distribution capability to deploy the capacity of general insurers, who are not experts if the field of legal expenses insurance.


8 questions to consider when selecting an ATE insurance provider

1.      Is the potential provider a direct writer or Managing General Agent?

2.      What is the financial rating of the insurance capacity provider/s?

3.      What areas of civil litigation does the ATE insurance provider cover?

4.      What LOI's and regional jurisdictions are they able to write into?

5.      What is the firms current reputation and standing in the ATE market ?

6.      What is the experience of the staff, management and ultimate business owners?

7.      Is the ATE insurance provider likely to still be around in the long term?

8.      Is the insurance capacity UK based or overseas?


ATE insurance providers directory

The ATE insurance providers directory below contains a selection of reputable After The Event, or ‘ATE’ Insurance providers that should be seriously considered for further discussion and due diligence if you or your client is seeking an ATE insurance provider partner.

Harbour ATE logo.PNG


Harbour Underwriting is one of the leading providers of commercial dispute insurance for both claimants and defendants.

We provide bespoke insurance solutions to brokers, law firms, funders, advisors and corporates to help reduce the financial risks of litigation and arbitration. After the Event (ATE) insurance is a fundamental tool for mitigating the costs involved in disputes, giving you and your clients the confidence to pursue or defend the claim.


Telephone: 020 3829 9400


F&L Logo2.PNG


Insurance with a personal touch. Innovative, flexible and competitive legal protection insurance.

Specialist & bespoke services

Financial & Legal are UK based specialists delivering bespoke legal expenses solutions underwritten in-house. From initial discussions through to servicing claims, we put you and your clients needs at the heart of everything we do.  


Telephone: 0161 603 2140


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Example insurer introductory text here. Circa 100 words of the insurers choice setting out their offering and USPs, or alternatively we will take the description from their own websites home page and/or about us page.


Content should include, general services, scope of cover, capacity name and rating, any USP's, and your firms tag line, moto or mission statement etc. 

Contact us to request inclusion in our directory. 

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